Willoughby Heights Canadian Reformed Church

Willoughby Heights Canadian Reformed Church

The Reading Room is a project of the Willoughby Heights Canadian Reformed Church,
with support from the Canadian Reformed Churches of Aldergrove and Chilliwack.

For more information about these churches, you can visit their websites: Aldergrove, Willougbhy Heights and Chilliwack.

There are in total eight Canadian Reformed Churches in the Fraser Valley, one American Reformed Church across the border in Lynden (WA), two churches in the Bulkley Valley in Northern BC: Smithers and Houston, and one in the Okanagan, in Vernon. There are also Canadian Reformed Churches in other provinces and states. For more information about the federation of Canadian Reformed Churches, please visit the official website of the federation:

Worship Services

Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church

Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church

Every Sunday afternoon, worship services are live streamed from the Willoughby Heights church to the Reading Room. Volunteers are present as your hosts and to respond to questions you may have.
There are a number of Reformed Churches within about half an hour driving distance from The Reading Room.
We invite you to join us for worship in one of the following churches:

Maranatha Surrey

Maranatha Canadian Reformed Church in Surrey

Livestream Worship Services

You can also watch a worship service online via LiveStream or find a previous worship service in the LiveStream archives:

 What is the Church?
Chilliwack Canadian Reformed Church

Chilliwack Canadian Reformed Church

The Church is more than just a group of like minded people coming together every week. The Church is the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. From the beginning of the world, He is working to gather His Church and He will continue to do so to the end of the world.The Church comes together in many local churches all over the earth. Wherever the Bible as the Word of God is being preached and wherever people come together to respond to that preaching in true faith and worship, there Christ is at work gathering His Church. The Church is formed by those who belong to the Lord (the original meaning of “church”), called out to worship, proclaim, fellowship and serve.

New West URC

God’s Church is being gathered from all over the earth. Christian churches are found in every continent among all cultures. Christ’s work is ever expanding.
The Reading Room carries material on churches worldwide and on the history of the Church. If you are interested in learning more about the Church, please come and visit us or check out the FAQ page. You can also send us an email at [email protected]!