What is the story of humanity?

Christianity is the story of human existence. The following video will explain to you the basics of Christianity. A brief description of what the Bible tells follows.

The Overall Message of the Bible

  1. Creation
    1. Everything that exists was created by God out of nothing.
    2. God has always existed and was not created.
    3. God created humankind as the pinnacle of his creation, to live in community with Him, and to care for and develop His earth.
    4. When God first created the universe and humankind, it was all very good.
  2. Sin
    1. The first people, Adam and Eve, decided to try and be like God instead of being satisfied to live under His rule.
    2. They directly disobeyed the commands of God after being told to do so by Satan, who was himself an angel (or servant) who had rebelled against God.
    3. By disobeying God and rebelling against his rule, Adam and Eve brought sin (disobedience, selfishness, chaos, and brokenness) into God’s creation and to all their descendants, as it says in the Bible:
      “None are righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God. All have turned aside; together they have become worthless; no one does good, not even one.” – The Book of Romans, Chapter 3
    4. Because of our sin, our relationship with God and with each other is totally broken.
    5. God will not simply overlook sin, because that would make Him a liar who says “yes” once and then “no” later. God is perfectly consistent and perfectly just: because sin is mankind’s utter betrayal of a perfect God, the punishment for sin is eternal death, that is, everlasting punishment and misery.Nobody can escape this by him or herself.
  3. Salvation
    1. God is also loving, and did not want to destroy His beautiful creation. He did not want mankind to die eternal death, so he made a plan to redeem mankind from eternal misery. This means that God would find a way for the debt, or punishmentfor sin, to be paid.
    2. Because humans sinned, only they are supposed to pay the penalty for sin.
    3. No human being would ever be able to withstand the punishment for sin. In other words, no human could pay the debt. But God so loved his creation that he sent His own Son to become a human being and to redeem us from the curse of sin.
    4. After suffering the wrath of God, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, rose from the dead, thereby conquering the grip that sin and death have on us and saving us.
    5. Jesus promises to freely give this salvation to all who trust in Him. By trusting in Jesus, we admit to the sins we have done and seek after a new life that is like the one we were supposed to live from the beginning.
    6. Jesus sent out his followers to preach this good news all over the world. After this, Jesus returned to God the Father, and is with Him now, preparing for His final return.
  4. New Creation
    1. While Jesus is preparing for his final return, Satan is actively trying to destroy as much as he can, and to suppress the good news of Jesus Christ.
    2. However, the truth of creation, sin and salvation is spreading throughout the world, and many are putting their trust in Jesus Christ.
    3. When Jesus returns, he will put a final end to Satan and all of Satan’s followers, including those who have refused to acknowledge their sin and by doing so, ignored the free gift offered to them by Jesus.
    4. The creation will be totally restored, and those who have been saved by Jesus will live in the new creation in a perfect relationship with God and with each other, forever.